SOC Designer Plus

Rapid Development of Virtual Prototypes.

Simulating a Virtual Prototype with Carbon SOC Designer Plus SOC Designer Plus makes virtual prototype creation easy. SOC Designer Plus' easy-to-use GUI allows users to rapidly assemble models to create a virtual prototype.

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Because the models are the key to creating a virtual prototype, Carbon SoC Designer Plus supports a wide range of models in variety of formats including
✅Flexible SystemC model support for easy creation and integration.
✅High performance cycle-accurate and implementation-accurate models compiled by Carbon Model Studio.
✅Verilog and VHDL co-simulation with leading RTL Simulators.
✅Spirit IP-Xact support for easy model exchange.
  • System validation requires the ability to model the entire system working together, and provide accurate models of both the hardware and software. Cycle-accurate virtual prototypes provide a way to develop and validate software before committing to physical hardware implementations. Effective driver and firmware development requires the detail and performance that is provided by SoC Designer Plus.
  • Carbon SoC Designer Plus provides users unlimited access to Carbon IP Exchange. Carbon IP Exchange is a web portal that contains a variety of models from Carbon’s IP partners to provide the widest range of models targeted to virtual system prototypes. Models can be easily configured, built, downloaded and managed from Carbon IP Exchange and dropped directly into SoC Designer Plus.
  • Development and analysis of system architecture requires the accuracy to model key system characteristics, especially with complex bus architectures and multi-core communications models. SoC Designer Plus provides the accuracy, performance, and flexibility to model complex systems and perform the analysis required to make critical design decisions. Instead of ad-hoc model approximations and paper-and-pencil calculations, architects can now prove their design assumptions before committing to the design implementation.
  • Assembling system models is only part of the solution: the key lies in the ability to execute the prototype and examine the behavior of the system and analyze key metrics. SoC Designer Plus provides debug interfaces tailored for both hardware and software engineers. You have full visibility and execution control of your design. Software engineers are able to view code, set breakpoints, and examine registers and memories. Hardware engineers can examine signals, dump waveforms, and trace execution through the system. Run-time performance profiling gives you immediate feedback on system behavior during execution